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Basic Crypto Mining Information
Bitcoin mining is the process of validating Bitcoin transactions and recording them into a public Blockchain ledger. Mining is the process of creating valid blocks, which adds records of transactions to Bitcoins (BTC) public ledger, called the blockchain. Bitcoin mining refers to a process in which a worldwide network of computers running Bitcoin code works to make sure transactions are legal and properly added to the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are created (and secured) via encryption algorithms, which are maintained and confirmed through a process called mining, in which a network of computers or specialized hardware, such as Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs), processes and verifies transactions. Bitcoin mining refers to the process where a global network of computers or specialized hardware, such as Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs).

Today’s miners use equipment called ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits), which were introduced specifically to mine bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. In the technology’s earliest days, cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin could be mined using just a CPU chip in your home computer. Because of the higher costs and increasing difficulty in mining Bitcoin (BTC), most miners use something called a mining pool today. A number of cryptocurrency has moved away from mining Bitcoin, although Bitcoin continues to depend on the process.

Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, the amount of energy required to generate bitcoin has increased, with the network increasing mining difficulty in order to maintain the steady stream of new blocks of transactions, even with the increase of miners involved. As mining capacity increases, the resources required to mine a new block accumulate. Bitcoin miners use their resources (hardware and electricity) to validate transactions, and every time a block is mined, new bitcoins are created on the network. The process, called mining, provides incentives for miners, who operate the network using cryptocurrency.
However, crypto mining also involves validating crypto transactions in the blockchain network and adding them into a distributed ledger. Because distributed ledgers lack centralized authorities, the mining process is critical for validating transactions. Bitcoin mining is critical for Bitcoin and some other cryptocurrency operations, as it motivates users to input precise information to the shared ledger, which tracks transactions and balances across an underlying blockchain network. A bitcoin hash is a measure of the amount of computing power used by a network to process transactions.

Bitcoin pays out a mining reward every time a new block is entered into the permanent record of transactions. Cryptocurrencies are mined in blocks; for example, in bitcoin, the amount of bitcoins a miner is allowed to earn for a block is halved every time a set number of hashes are solved. This value is programmed to halve in fixed intervals, roughly every four years, so that at last there are no bitcoins left to mine, with just transaction fees ensuring network security. In future, when the number of new bitcoin miners allowed in each block decreases, fees will be a far larger proportion of the mining revenue.

Our Qualified Engineers Will Repair Your Cryptocurrency Asic Machines And Power Supplies
Crypto Miner Repairs and Service. If your crypto mining equipment fails, quick repair necessary, otherwise you are losing currency revenue by the minute. Profits are directly affected by the performance of your equipment. We provide full machine repair and maintenance service. With years of professional experience, we offer timely and cost-effective repair service for our valuable customers.

We have expertise in repairing Bitman, Innosilicon, MicroBT and other manufacturers. For the newest models, our engineers are among the first in miner repairing field to get trained; and for the old models, such as s9, we are not only able to repair, but also have the expertise to modify them to increase their efficiency. We offer a full service parts and repair centers, All of our repair work is carried out at one of our 3 locations in the USA, they include NC, FL, CA. Our rates are affordable for large and small projects and we offer full parts inventory in the USA.

Commercial And Smaller Farms

Our engineers provide high quality, inexpensive repair of ASIC miners and Power Supplies. All work related to welding and replacement of ASIC mining parts including the ASIC chip itself.

Standard Repair : Please contact us on the contact form below, via email or +1-352-450-0094. We will open a case and let you know how to send your equipment to our repairing facility.

Onsite repairing service is also available. We do provide onsite repairing service for bigger customers in North America. It will save time and cost if volume is big. Contact us with your inquiry.

Customized service plan for VIP customers:
For our VIP customer, we provide the total maintenance solution and consulting. This include: maintenance training, remote trouble shooting, routine visit and repair, failure prediction, parts management, automatic management software and much more.

Your business is very important to us and we will personally work very hard to obtain your trust and loyalty and our customer service/support is second to none. Our cooperation with leading manufacturers enables us to be competitive.

We currently offer repair service for the following models. For models not listed, please contact us to see if repair is possible.

Bitmain: T17, S17, S17+, T9+, S9k, S9j, S9SE, S9k, Z1pro, T17 42T, T17 40t, T17+ 55T, S17+ 67T, S17+ 76T, T17+ 58T, T9+, S9j, Z11e 80k, z11e 70K, z11e 65K, z11j 105K, z11 135K, S5, S17E 56T, S17E60T, s17e 64t, S17 pro 50T, S17 53T, S17 Pro 56T, s17 50T, S17 pro 53T, DR5, Z9mini, Z9, R4, L3+, E3, B7 96K, L3++, G2, B7 88K, Z11 135k, T9+, T9+, S9j 14.5T, S9j 14T, S9 14T, s9i 14T, S9i 13.5T, S9 13.5T, s9i 14.5T, D5, S9se 16T, S9se 17T, S15 28T, S9 pro, T19 84t, z15 420k, T17+ 64T, K5 1.13T Innosilicon: A10 pro(5G)500mh/s, A10 485MH/s, A6+, A9+, A9, A9++, T,2T 30T, T2T 29T, T2T 28T, T2T 26T, T2T 32T, T2T 35T, T2T 37T, T3+ 50T, T1 32T, T3 50T, T15 23T, T2 17.2T, S11, A8+, A4+, T1 16T, T2 17.2t MicroBT: M20s 68T,M20s 70T,M21s 56T,M21s 58T,M21s 54t,M21s 50T,M21s 52T,M21s, M20s 65T, M21 45T, M21 27T, D1, M31s+ 42w 82T, M31s+ 42w 80T, M30s 38w 90T, M31s 72T 46W, M31s 70T, M31s 60t-62t, M32s 62T Avalon: 1056 46T, A1026 34T, A1026 35T, A1044 34T, A1066 50T, A1066 pro 55T, 1066 50T, 852, 851s, 850, 921, 910B, 911B, 910s, 920P 19T, 920P 18T, 741, avalon A10, 910 18.5T, 852, 851, 821 EBang: E10.3, E12+ 50T, E12+ 50T, E12 44T, E9+, E9.1 14T StrongU: U6, U2, U8 Obelisk: SC1, DCR1 FusionSilicon: X7, X3, X1, X2 Misc: L2 30T, H7 48T, A1, OW1, 250M, F1, F3 30T, H1 80G, F5i 60T, F5 40T, Apw9+, apw7, apw3, apw9, A1 49T, G28, M3V1, M3V2, Z1, Z1+, P3/P5, A841

We can help amateur and professional miners to make the business more profitable and by working with this small business you are helping our families more than you know. Thank you

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