Osprey Miner G1


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Osprey Miner G1 is developed based on Osprey ECU200 Mining board, focusing on optimizing the heat dispersion of ECU200. Next are the list of components:

  • 6 x ECU200 board (no DDR memory) with TUL water block. TUL water block was modified to better disperse heats
  • Rack: Aluminum Open air Frame for 6 FPGAs
  • Mother board: Gigabyte GA-B250-Fintech
  • CPU: Intel Celeron G3930 or G3900
  • Memory: 4GB
  • Hard drive: 240G SSD
  • Power supply: 1000w PSU for motherboard, fans, pump, and 2x1500w Bitmain APW3++ for FPGA boards
  • 10 Fans total, 5 up for cooling FPGAs, and 5 down for cooling radiators
  • 2 pumps and 2 radiators are redundancy, 1 water tank
  • Barrow G1/4” fittings and soft tubing for water cooling, air compressor auto-adjustment to prevent TUL water block cracks.
  • Thermaltake Coolant
  • 6x PCIE risers
  • 6 USB 2.0 cables with a USB 2.0 hub (for Whitefire bitstreams)


If the ambient temperature is at 23-25c, the FPGA’s temperature is at 43-47c, the sensors of LTC 3884 is at 65-67c, and the junction of LTC3884 is about 75-78c

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